How To Secure Facebook Account From Hackers And Scammers

How To Secure Facebook Account From Hackers And Scammers
How To Secure Facebook Account From Hackers And Scammers

How To Secure Facebook Account From Hackers And Scammers: For any #question, you can ask below the comment section and I will answer asap.
Yea! Am tired of getting friend request from one person over and over again, with different account, all in the name of “I was hacked”.
Please, this guide will walk you through on how to properly secure your Facebook account.
Follow the simplified steps below:
#STEP1: Go-to your Facebook #Settings
#STEP2: Click on the #Settings
#Note: There are #three methods to secure your account in the section of two Factor authentication.
In my case, I activated the three methods. You can choose to activate one of them or you go for all the methods.
The 3 methods available for the security are as follows;
✓ Authentication App
✓ Recovery Codes
1. For SMS: this method protects your account from being hacked.
So for any hacker to access your account, he or she must have your number to receive the code Facebook would send each time an attempt is made to to login into your account from unrecognized device or Location.
So if you aren’t using correct number on your Facebook account, you just need to edit your profile and add your correct number.
So as to be able to receive text message from Facebook when attempt is made to login into your account.
OR, you can use another number without changing the one on your Facebook profile, as they also provide alternative to input another number you might like to use.
To secure your account with your number then click on SMS and follow up the prompt in order to set it up.
2. Authentication Apps: this involves using a third party app known as #Google_authenticator or #Duo_app, to receive the codes for login.
You will have to install one of this Android app from Google play store in order to use them.
once you install the app, then click on Authentication app via Facebook and then follow up the prompt to set it up.
To connect the app and your Facebook account, you will be provided with serial alphabets by Facebook, so copy it and paste into the app or you probably do it through scan. but bar scanning involves two devices.
So I recommend using the alphabet serials. This can be done ones, and after then, when someone want to login into your account, Facebook will ask the person to provide 6 Digit code from the Google authenticator App.
The person cannot because, the Google authenticator app was only installed on your own Android phone and set up to your facebook account alone.
So what the Google authenticator does is to generate different 6 digit code anytime you want to login from a different devices.
And this happens to be one of the strongest security for Facebook account.
3. Recovery method; Has to do with Facebook sending you code into your Facebook account as inbox message.
So if someone wants to login into your account, Facebook will block the person and then send you code through your Facebook account.
So for you to authorise the person, you will have to approve it from your own account or enter the digits sent to you.
I always receive this recovery notification whenever I want to access my account from another device, may be through computer.
All I do is to approve the Access from my mobile phone and tell Facebook that am the one trying to access the account, and they will allow it.
#Step:7 This involves choosing about 3 to 5 contacts you trust that can get you login into your account, probably when your account gets locked unknowingly.
So when your Facebook locked, you can contact those people you set as trusted people in your account, to help you retrieve your account back.
Remember, this people should be trusted ooh.
Turn ON your Authenticator security for all the three methods or you go for any one of the method convenient for you.
Ask your questions below and share this post in order to help your family and friends protect their Facebook account from being hacked.

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