Fr. Mbaka Has Not Been Removed Or Transferred From His Chaplaincy

Fr. Mbaka Has Not Been Removed
Fr. Mbaka Has Not Been Removed

Bloggers want to attract traffic and make money.

They like stories that have to do with Mbaka.

Unfortunately, they twist information and tell lies.

St. Padre Pio was a highly gifted priest. Go and read about him. Gifted people are deemed controversial.

At a point, his bishop sent him to the monastery for a long retreat, while they tried to discern his gifts and ministry.

So, stop mocking Mbaka that he has been sent to the monastery as if he has been ostracized. It is for his good.

He is coming back a bigger Mbaka.

By the way, Fr. Mbaka has not been removed or transferred from his chaplaincy.

He is still the spiritual director of Adoration ministry.

Fr. Anthony Amadi is a member of the adoration family.

It was even Mbaka who actually proposed that one of their own, Fr. Amadi should take charge of the ministry while he is away.

His lovely bishop approved his proposal. So, stop creating the impression that Mbaka and his bishop are fighting.

Meanwhile, if you have ever been blessed by Fr. Mbaka’s ministry, especially his music ministry and crusades, and now, just because he is having some crises, you join the world to crucify and call him a fake prophet instead of praying for him, you need to recheck yourself.

Yes, he made some mistakes like all of us do. He is human.

But we can’t aid in killing his ministry because of his human flaws.

No good soldier laughs at a fellow wounded soldier.

He is our brother. He needs our help.

The devil wants to rejoice over his fall but the Lord will uphold him.

Let’s keep praying for our brother. He is a blessing to us.

Credit: | Tony Nze

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