I NEARLY GOT BURNT – LenaCee Uzoigwe

I NEARLY GOT BURNT - LenaCee Uzoigwe
I NEARLY GOT BURNT – LenaCee Uzoigwe


I NEARLY GOT BURNT – LenaCee Uzoigwe:  You see, no matter how much I think I’ve grown, I’ll NEVER cease to fall on my knees before God.

On that fateful day, I received an urgent call from Anambra State for a burial…

It was the day Minster Chukwuebuka Okoro wedded. If you saw me in the hall, you would attest to it that I came in with luggages.

Around 3pm, I ran off to the park, boarded a vehicle, but I was feeling very weird.

Very, very weird I didn’t know how to tell the mummy that called me that I wouldn’t make it to Anambra anymore.

I wanted to leave the bus and go back home. Somehow, I stayed back.

Getting to the military check point in Orlu, all our gears seized…

We drove on one gear from Orlu to Ekwulobia before we were transferred to another vehicle.

We arrived safely, so I thought it was the end of the matter.

A journey of 3hours took me 6hours.

After the burial, (mehn, I worked myself to fatigue), I carried my bags to run away, so I could meet up with Sunday Service.


As  I got to the same TRACAS park, and a bus was loading again. I felt VERY WEIRD, a second time.

I kept asking for Sienna, but I was told that there was none available for the rest of the day.

Umunne m, I had no choice. I entered the bus. On getting to Akokwa, I started perceiving a strange smell. At first, I thought it was from the environs we were plying.

So, I ignored it. We went a little further, the smell intensified. Those of us at the back were choking, even with our windows open.

I was sitting at the back seat, the side where you have the fuel tank.

The tyre close to the fuel tank was on fire, and I was sitting there. I called the driver’s attention, but he refused to listen. I raised my voice some more.

Other passengers joined me. That was when the driver looked and saw the fire.

The smoke was thick… The(I don’t know what they call it) around the tyre had caught fire completely.

I jumped off the bus first and carried my luggages. They started putting out the fire.

It was a survival of the fittest thing oo. Thank God for my small size…

It helped a lot I got into another bus. Getting close to Orlu again, the bus failed brake.

I honestly do not know what kept me at peace. I can only believe, and I know, it was the Holy Spirit.

Long story cut short, I arrived safely. How my God did it, I don’t know.

But I’ll forever bow my knees to Him.

I’m the little girl Abba loves so much.

When you see me lift my hands to Him, shout, lie down, roll, please don’t think I’m mad.

I love you Jesus! Thank you!


Credit: | LenaCee Uzoigwe

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