Now getting directly to the recipe.

Add 1 tablespoon of the clove into your jug or bottle depends on the one you’re using. add garlic (fresh garlic ?)one whole.
Peal off the back of the garlic and add it inside your jug ( 1garlic) . Men can also take it especially men with infection rather he’s not going to take it long like a woman having tube blockage.

So after adding the garlic, add ginger.
remove the skin and cut it into five slices , put inside the jug. Next is the lime (not lemon) with the lime,do not peel off the back. Cut the lime into five parts and add them all inside your jug.

Then add bay leaf to the mixture(either dry one or fresh one) you’ll need to add just three to four bay leaf . Then you need to add small amount of water into it about 1 litre of water before adding your white vinegar.( 1/2 tablespoon)

Adding the water to be half of the jug will be okay.

? NOTE : You don’t need to be drinking this with a cup but instead a shot cup, the one our men use for whiskey.You can also use your coffee cup .

White vinegar is available in the supermarket for those asking where it can be found.

After you’ve added everything together. you need to soak it for 24hours in the fridge not outside. The reason is when left outside it can get sour , so don’t do that. if you don’t have a fridge , then boil the recipe daily for 3-5 minutes, allow to cook and drink. Just know that you will make a new one daily .

After 24hours you start taking it one shot per day. And you need to take it maximum of one week before making another and generally to be used for 2 weeks .If you have had this tube blockage for a very long time , Remember tube can also get blocked by blood.

Blood that did not shed out after miscarriage ,do this recipe. It’s not only infection that’s blocks the womb. That’s why I tell women that had miscarriage,no matter how many months it is ,go to the hospital for them to flush it out because if it stays there it’ll start forming it owns clots .

If you have hydrosalpinx take this one to two weeks and then you’ll see how it is.

Remember to use it before your menstruation.

Credits: Moretti JOY’S Fertility Corner

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