I want to live to be 150 – Sefi Oyeyemi

I want to live to be 150
I want to live to be 150

I want to live to be 150: A Nigerian woman, Sefi Oyeyemi, was brought into the world in Lagos in 1898. She survived both universal conflicts, saw the nation be driven by many lawmakers.

In the Nigerian book or records she is recorded as the most established living individual on the planet – on March 14, she turned 124 years of age. Sefi figured out how to outlast her companions, yet additionally numerous offspring of her friends.

This incredible extraordinary grandma routinely goes through clinical assessments. Consistently the specialists say exactly the same thing: she’s pretty much as in great shape, she could keep space explorers honest in such manner.

Notwithstanding such a long life, Sefi Oyeyemi seldom left her wide open home and consistently declined at whatever point her kids would propose to move her to the city.

Her kids were, normally, worried about letting a lady of such age be. Yet, Sefi can’t muster enough willpower to care about her age.
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Sefi Oyeyemi lives in an enormous wooden house, which was worked by her late spouse. The older lady deals with the home.

Other than that she likewise has a 10 section of land garden the whole of which she develops yearly. Sefi likewise focuses on a brood of hens and her goat, Molly. What’s more, shockingly, the elderly person has sufficient energy for all of this.

We visited the centenarian to meet with her and reveal her primary mystery – how would you live so lengthy and not get sick.

While getting a charge out of Mrs. Sefi Oyeyemi wonderful tea blend, we understand that she has different worries other than us. Not having any desire to burn through her time, we promptly cut to the chase of our visit.

Sefi, you have carried on with such a long life. Significantly longer than any other person. How could you figure out how to do that?

Indeed, I have currently over and again let everybody know who posed me this inquiry (writers are consistent visitors in my home). Everything revolves around clean veins. My beloved companion Ben let me know that, back before the conflict.

Ben lived here, he was a botanist. Every one of the people from all over would come to him to be dealt with, individuals came even from adjoining towns. However at that point he got drafted into the military to battle in the conflict and never returned…

We used to be neighbors. He would come over in the nights typically for tea and we would visit. He was the person who let us know how to treat what part of the body.

I had a sister in those days. She disliked her wellbeing. My folks treated her veins and in this way she improved. From that point forward we’ve been certain that perfect vessels are the way to incredible wellbeing and our entire family would have them cleaned consistently. Sadly both our folks passed on in a shocking mishap in 1987.

What’s more, my sister likewise lived for quite a while, however short of what me. She passed on when she was 95. I additionally ensured every one of my children knew the significance of keeping their vessels clean.

Hence, the mystery of life span lies in the vessels; they should be cleaned now and again. In any case, that’s what no one does, that is the reason they pass on ahead of schedule. This is particularly valid for the older that dwell in urban areas.

They love to take heaps of pills and figure that they will help them. At the point when I visited my granddaughter in Abuja, I was extremely shocked by this. Individuals are just 60 however they’re all evil.

That is pills for ya – only harmful synthetic substances. In any case, in the event that they cleaned their vessels, they would be sound and dynamic, very much like me.

Sefi, would you say you are saying that on the off chance that an individual with chronic weakness begins cleaning their veins, they will actually want to live longer?

Obviously! That is the general purpose. Consider it. Blood moves through the vessels carrying nourishment to every one of the organs. The better the sustenance, the better the organs. Vascular wellbeing guarantees the soundness of the remainder of the body.

Be that as it may, vessels become filthy over the long haul. All things considered, blood can come to contain soil and a wide range of inedible substances that collect on the vessel walls.

They essentially have no place else to go. Subsequently, vessels become consumed, as corroded pipes. The inside organs quit getting sufficient blood supply.

Accordingly, they “starve” and get sick. The kidneys, stomach, liver and bladder all experience the ill effects of unfortunate blood supply. Indeed, even the mind does. Envision if, for instance, I quit taking care of a cow ordinarily. Normally, she will promptly become sick!

Yet, assuming you reestablish legitimate blood supply, your organs will recuperate. Maybe, the individual will not live however long me, yet will draw out their life for quite a while. For 3, 5, and perhaps 10 years. This used to be the predominant treatment strategy, before the appearance of pills and the drug market.

I just recollected a story. A lady thought of me a letter quite some time in the past. Her significant other experienced awfully hypertension. A few pre-dead tissue conditions.

The specialists were foreseeing a brief (extremely durable) finish to his misery. They advised the lady to begin searching for an entombment spot. I was one of those she went to fix her adored. She thought I had confidential or something like that.

I proposed he clean his vessels. That is my as it were “secret”. 10 years have passed from that point forward. The man is perfectly healthy and long liberated from any type of hypertension.

Their entire family started to clean the vessels after that. Presently they call me consistently to wish me a Happy Birthday. I got numerous comparative stories, as well.

Columnists frequently got some information about this as well, and I generally let them know everything I’ve quite recently said to you. In any case, it seems as though individuals ask without really paying attention to the response.

Indeed, they ought to! On the off chance that you clean your vessels, you’ll have the option to carry on with a long and sound life! All things considered, not exactly much point in life span assuming that sickness is your steady friend.


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