Lalong apologizes to Catholic Bishops over comment about the Pope

Lalong apologizes to Catholic Bishops
Lalong apologizes to Catholic Bishops

Lalong apologizes to Catholic Bishops: Plateau state governor, Simon Lalong has apologized to Catholic Bishops in Nigeria in the wake of referring to the Catholic church and the Pope during his meeting on driving the mission for the Muslim official ticket of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

He had expressed that as a Catholic, the Pope has not educated him that it is inappropriate for him to act as the Director-General of the APC official mission group.

In a letter addressed to Lucius Iwejuru Ugorji, President of the Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria (CBCN) and dated August 12, Lalong said he made a blunder and understood that his remark brought “humiliation” to the Catholic Church, particularly to the group of Papal Knights.

He said;

“I have followed with a few shock and profound lament, the responses that have followed my arrangement as the Director-General of the Campaign Council for the Presidential Candidate of our Party, the All Progressive Congress, APC, Ahmed Bola Tinubu.

“The arrangement naturally was gotten with blended responses across the Christian people group who truly feel wronged by the choice of our party to agree to a Muslim ticket.

“While many individuals recognized me for the arrangement and saw it as an approach to staying inside the framework to battle for our inclinations, others cast defamations on it in light of the fact that our confidence had been offended and criticized.

“Over this, a considerable lot of my rivals transformed the issue into a political weapon with a few spreading tales and scrutinizing the uprightness of my qualifications as a Catholic and a Papal Knight.

In attempting to present my defense, I have conceded meetings to legitimize why I accept that the arrangement in no manner subvert my obligation to the Catholic Church.

“During the week, throughout guarding myself, I had cause to make reference to my qualifications as a Catholic and a Papal Knight. Simultaneously, I made reference to the Holy Father.

“I currently understand that this was a mistake on my part and has made some degree of concern and even shame numerous particularly the Members of the group of Papal Knights to which I have a place.

“I presently comprehend that I might have exceeded myself throughout attempting to shield my own choice in tolerating this arrangement and subsequently, the reference to the sacred dad was not planned as a demonstration of lack of respect to his lifted up and venerated office.

“Your Grace, by this composed letter, I wish to delicate my open conciliatory sentiments and request their comprehension and absolution from my siblings in the Catholic confidence and, through you, the whole individuals from the Bishops’ Conference, our Fathers and our Leaders.

My obligation to the Catholic confidence to which | have a place stays open and undiluted.

“I will keep on maintaining the pennant of my confidence in open life as I have done throughout the long term.

You might review, Your Grace that in the last five or so years, I have been at the front of working with our discourse as lawmakers with you our dads in the confidence.

I stay focused on this and supplicate that you will keep on empowering us as we rise the tricky slant of legislative issues.

While requesting your episcopal favors.

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