I Will Expose My Female Nollywood Colleagues And Other Ladies If – Judith Iwu


Nollywood Actress Judith Iwu blows hot and vows to expose some of her female colleagues and other social butterfly ladies to the world with their names and pictures, if they don’t desist from their diabolical ways.

“Some of my female colleagues and some social butterfly ladies are now hand in glove with some Alfas who prepare certain cream for them with voodoo.

And once these ladies apply these cream on their private parts and sleep with the men who are their targets, the men automatically become their ATM machines, paymasters and buy them houses, cars, other material things and sponsor their vacations.

This is no joke. And even men wearing condoms before sleeping with these ladies cannot stop them from being hypnotized.

I will expose these ladies to the world with their names and pictures if they don’t desist from their diabolical ways”.

According to this screen goddess, two ladies approached her and tried to convince her to join them in their evil escapade. But she shunned them.

“As a matter of fact, two ladies approached me and tried to convince me to join them in their evil escapade, telling me that all way na way.

But I shunned them outrightly. I’m not a saint per se, but my conscience is still intact. Some people might ask.. ” what’s my business?”, “why expose them?”.

It’s my business because first of all I’m a mother, I have two adult sons and wouldn’t want such ladies to destroy my sons in future.

I also have a brother, other male relatives and male friends and wouldn’t want them to fall victims too.

Secondly, such ladies are spoiling our film industry and Nigeria at large. Majority of Nigerians are clamoring for positive change.

How do we intend to achieve it when some ladies are with this kind of mindset?

No one wants to put in the work and have patience for the success to naturally arrive anymore.

People are cutting corners like no man’s business. Noodle success has become the order of the day”.

This graduate of Insurance from the University of Lagos also gives her take on the new trends in Nollywood, pertaining to bleaching of the skin and liposuction.

“Honestly, I don’t know what this world is turning into. These ladies have graduated from skin bleaching and liposuction to siphoning money off men with diabolical means.

To some extent, I have no problem with the ladies doing bleaching and liposuction since it’s their life, their body and they face their consequences alone.

She that goes to the kitchen must be ready for the heat.

On the other hand, I’m totally against the ladies that are using these voodoo cream to hypnotize men and siphon money off them.

Some claim they do the illegal things to survive because the country’s economy is in a bad shape.

But by my calculations, if they don’t have evil in their DNA, they won’t use the country’s economy as an excuse to do illegal things.

Some Actors in Nollywood paid their dues for years through hard work and patiently waited for their success.

Acting is an honorable profession and I’m proud to be an Actor. It’s so sad that some Actors are now using our film industry as an avenue to carry out their indecent behavior.

Actors should be role models and not objects of caricature. Our fans who used to believe in us are now disappointed in us, to the extent that they have given us new disheartening names like… Yeyebrities, Punabrities, Oloshobrities, the list is endless. I weep for my industry”.

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