Biography Of Judith Iwu, Nigerian Actress

Biography Of Judith Iwu Nigerian Actress
Biography Of Judith Iwu Nigerian Actress

Biography Of Judith Iwu Nigerian Actress: Judith Chinenye Iwu is a Nigerian Actress known for “House of trouble”.

Early life and education – Judith Iwu was born on the 27th May 1982 in Sokoto State Nigeria to Mr Obioma Ononuju and Mrs Cecilia Ononuju.

She has two other siblings by the names Ikechi Ononuju and Chidimma Iyeh.

She hails from Mbaitolu local government area in Imo state.

Judith had her primary education at Umudim Central School, Ihodimeze community primary and Amaimo central school respectively, all in Ikeduru local government area of Imo state Nigeria.

Then she had her secondary education at Amaimo girl’s secondary school and Atta girl’s secondary school respectively, both in Ikeduru local government area of Imo.

Moved to lagos state after her secondary education and studied Insurance at University of Lagos.

Personal life- Judith Iwu got married quite early in 1999 to Mr Cally Iwu.

She bore three children namely.. Bayo Iwu, Kizito Iwu and Angelica Iwu.

The marriage didn’t work out, so it crashed in 2006 because her ex husband nearly battered her to death, considering the fact that he was a drug addict and always violent.

When Judith left the hellish marriage, she faced horrible challenges and became homeless at some point with her three children.

She couldn’t even fend for her three children, so she resorted to begging so as to take care of her three children.

Judith was sleeping on the streets of Lagos with her children for over a year until she met a certain lady from her maternal home Umudim Ikeduru, who harbored her and her children for five months.

Career – While Judith and her three children were being harbored by the woman from her maternal home, Judith decided to cry to God for help through dry fasting and prayers for three days, begging God to direct her steps on what to do with her life.

After the three days fasting, a certain name “Winnis” kept coming to Judith and she couldn’t explain why.

So out of curiosity, she asked the woman that was harboring her if there was any eatery by the name “Winnis”.

The woman told her that the only Winnis she knew was Winnis hotel at Kilo Surulere where actors gather.

On getting this information, Judith saw it as a message and answered prayer from God.

She immediately decided to become an Actor.

Because she knew the late Obi Mmadubuogwu and Mr Ibu ( both Actors) back in 1996 when Obi was harboring Mr Ibu in his boy’s quarters apartment at Ajao Estate lagos, she decided to go to Winnis to look for Obi and Mr Ibu, so they could help her to become an Actor.

On getting to Winnis, Judith didn’t see Mr Ibu neither Obi.

She only saw a guy that was selling recharge cards who gave her the address to Obi Mmadubuogwu’s office.

When she got to Obi’s office, she met Obi who didn’t recognize her at first because she was older.

Judith explained everything to him and after they exchanged pleasantries, Obi told Judith that she was in luck because he was directing a stage drama for the late Ambassador Olushola.

And the rehearsals were ongoing.

So Obi took Judith to where the rehearsals were going on and they gave Judith a script to rehearse with them.

Obi advised Judith to register with the stage drama group the next day which she did. That was in 2008.

And that was how Judith Iwu became a stage actor.

So in 2010, her Mum advised her to join Nollywood.

And she registered as a Nollywood Actor in 2010.

Judith faced so many challenges in Nollywood, particularly sexual harassment from some movie producers.

They refused to give her movie roles based on merit because she refused to sleep with them.

She was so frustrated and almost quit from Nollywood.

Some other responsible producers saw her potential and gave her opportunities.

Judith has featured in so many movies and came to limelight in 2016 with the movie ” House of trouble”.

Movies –

Stone face
Enemies of progress
Greedy Brothers
Clinic Matters
Comfort zone
Oga Madam
My share
Olamma the crippled
Tears of Olamma
Evil household
Tears of the innocent soul
The Tigress
Priceless Woman
Nicest gifts to men
House of trouble
Mama Chelsea
Agony of love
Married to a Prince
Throne of disaster
Bleeding crown
Baba Ijebu

Religion – Christianity. Judith Iwu is
a Catholic.

Hobbies – Swimming and travelling.

Height – 182. 88cm ( 6 feet)

Trademark – Coloured hair. Judith
Iwu wears coloured  hair.



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