How To Monetize Your Website’s Traffic Easily With Adsterra

How To Make Money With Adsterra: Whether you are just a blogger with small to growing traffic or a big web publisher, one thing you need to be financially successful is RELIABLE partner that can help you monetize your traffic.

And there are many options out there. From Google AdSense to and many more. In this article, I will focus on a hidden gem in the online advertising industry known as Adsterra.

One mistake I have seen most publishers, especially the not-so-experienced publishers make is believing that Google AdSense is the ultimate way to monetize a blog. That is not true!

Google AdSense is the most popular, no doubt, but with other advertising networks, with a dedicated team that can help you monetize your blog, you can more than double your current earnings. Unless you are a Google AdSense Premium publisher, you may be missing
out on big opportunities by ignoring other options.

What is Adsterra?

Adsterra is an advertising network founded in 2013. They serve over 30 billion ad impressions per month worldwide, making it one of the biggest players.

Utilizing various ad formats, Adsterra can help boost the revenues of publishers regardless of their user-base. And with over 20, 000 campaigns running simultaneously, Adsterra easily ensures a 100% fill rate.

Something to love about Adsterra is their partner care. They onboard and treasure relationships with publishers. As a publisher, you can get their team to support and help you optimize your website’s earning potentials.

Adsterra is a hidden gem that every publisher interested in making money online should consider. Let’s look at some benefits of using Adsterra.

Features and benefits of Adsterra

Large pool of advertisers

Adsterra has a large pool of advertisers. It gets better than that. They also have high-paying advertisers with exclusive offers.

Currently, they are serving over 30 billion ad impressions per month worldwide. That is massive. This means as a publisher, you never have to worry about your ad inventory being unfulfilled. Adsterra has over 20,000 campaigns running simultaneously to ensure a 100% fill rate.

Anti-Adblock solution

Ad blockers are becoming very popular. And that is not a pleasing news for publishers because with the growth of Adblockers come falling revenues for publishers.

Adsterra has an in-house solution to fight adblocking. This will help publishers unlock a blocked and forgotten revenue. If you have large traffic from the U.S. and similar countries where adblockers are popular, you will have a higher chance of earning more using Adsterra. This can increase revenue by over 20%

This is a feature Google AdSense and most others do not have.

Partner care

Adsterra offers unparalleled 24/7 online chat support to publishers. If you have ever had issues with Google AdSense, you will know how difficult it is to contact them.

With Google AdSense and most others, accounts can be banned or suspended with no way to reach out to an actual human and resolve. Adsterra has 24/7 support that you can reach out to at any time to resolve issues.

The support can help you choose the right ad formats and settings to increase revenue. This is like industry experts helping you optimize ads on your site.

Smart AI-based optimization tool

Adsterra deploys Artificial Intelligence (AI) to optimize ads placement. Generally, this leads to an increase in publisher revenue. The AI is able to analyze your traffic and consequently load the most suitable ads to maximize earnings.

With Smart AI, you don’t need to do anything. Just relax and allow Adsterra to optimize everything for you on the fly.

Multiple Ad Formats

All ads format are not different, their performance can vary from site to site. Adsterra has numerous Ad Formats to help publishers experiment and pick the format that drives the most revenue.

Some of the ad formats offered by Adsterra include Social Bar, Banner Ads, Popunder, Native Ads, Push ds, Direct Link, and more.

The best approach is to run an experiment and see which of the Ads format generates more revenue for you. Once you can identify the best performing combinations, stick with it and watch your revenue grow. I personally love the Social Bar.

Numerous Payment solutions

One big problem with Ad networks is the payment solutions available for publishers. Some payment solutions are limited by location.

With Adsterra, publishers have a wide range of payment solutions to pick from and receive payment. Payment is made twice a month.

Payment options include PayPal, Wire Transfer, WebMoney, Paxum, Bitcoin, and tether. Each payment method has a minimum balance required.
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