Seeking Constitutional Lawyer Or Human Rights Attorney By Patrick S.N. Iriarte

“Who Should Every American Citizen Follow? Our Founding Fathers Principles Spelled Out in the U.S. Constitution? Or the Federal Reserves Never-ending Pay-Off Interests? Because if you say “Our Founding Fathers Principles then every American Citizen is entitled to ownership of their homes and excluded from any “Home Foreclosures” or Default of their Bank loans due to a bad economy or a Recession!=================================

“If Every American Citizen and “Good Patriotic and Loyal Citizen of Their Governments took back ownership of Banking Institutions and dissolved or remove the Federal Reserves (That believe it or not was once upon a time guaranteed under “the U.S. Constitution by “America’s Own Founding Fathers at one time, we can then actually become “True Master’s of Our Own Destinies!)===========================

“And have our own governments create our own currency, then there would be no poverty, world hunger, or any such thing as a homeless American Citizen or Wars fought either foreign or domestic!”But as its stands now we don’t have control of our own destiny’s “The Federal Reserves” and World Banks have “TOTAL CONTROL of OUR Destinies through their “Puppet Controlled Governments” by “PRIVATE SECTOR Industrial Giants and “PRIVATE SECTOR BANKING INSTITUTIONS”this is why we still have Wars and global conflicts both foreign and domestic within our Societies and issues like world hunger, fake Pandemics and Man-made Weather Disasters that can’t ever go away!=================================

“Here is what I am talking about: “World Get Ready For A Huge Change! From Capitalism to Pan-Americanism or Pan-American Globalism.”=================================

“Attention Earthlings: “Would These Proposed International Social Reform Consolidate All of Mankind’s Injustices and Move The Human race forward as One?(Combining a little of Capitalism, Socialism, and Marxism you end up with something truly beautiful “Pan-Americanism” or “Pan American Globalism” all your doing is removing the “hypocrisy from an American democracy” and “reinstating America’s Founding Fathers Principles”that was hijacked with the creation of the Federal Reserves, that made every American Citizen and Foreign Country Collateral damage for a privileged few “Puppet Masters” that no-one deserves!)”Its time for the good citizens to be “Masters of Our Children Safety, Welfare, their future and the Planets Destiny that is their playground to grow and achieve their dreams and to co-exist with nature and all Gods wonderful creatures who also have the “God given right” to call this planet their home too!.=================================

“Abraham Lincoln once said:”The Government should create and issue and circulate its own currency! (He said further) creating and issuing money is the Supreme prerogative of the Government adopting “these Principles” will save “The Taxpayers” immense sums of interest and money “will cease” to be the Master and become “The Servant” of Humanity!( It was rumored that one of the reasons why Abraham Lincoln was assassinated was for using Federal Notes to pay back interest on Bank loans borrowed by the Government!)===============================

“Thomas Jefferson once said:” If the American People ever allow private banks to control the issue of currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of the property until their children wake up homeless on the Continent their fathers conquered…Thomas Jefferson also said:”I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to “Our Liberties” than standing Armies.”Thomas Jefferson” also recommended regularly amending the U.S. Constitution but warned:That “Public Debt” was the greatest of all dangers!(Which apparently wasn’t the case during President Woodrow Wilson’s Presidency that he actually regretted and these were his exact “dying words” on his deathbed after the passage of the Federal Reserves reflecting back on his Presidency:” I am a most unhappy man.” I have unwittingly ruined my Country.A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit.”The growth of the Nation, therefore and all our activities are in the hands of a few men.”We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated governments in the civilized worldNo longer a government by free opinion, no longer a government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men.

“”President Woodrow Wilson.”===================Charles Lindbergh Sr., a Representative from Minnesota and Father of famed Aviator Charles Lindbergh Jr. the first person to fly over the Atlantic and a staunch opponent of the passage of the Federal Reserve Act once said:”The New law will create inflation whenever the “trusts” want inflation….furthermore he said: “That the Federal Reserve Act” would become “an economic dictator” or, as he put it, an “invisible government by the money power.”(Note: The famous Lindbergh Baby kidnapping was considered the “greatest crime of the Century! It makes you kind of wonder if this was some form of retribution!)”President Andrew Jackson:On his gravestone surviving an assassination attempt during his Presidency after his passing years later had these words engraved on his Tomb “I killed the Banks”.”Benjamin Franklin:was once famously quoted as saying: “the first responsibility of every American Citizen is to question authority.”=================================”

So In My Opinion By Converting the Federal Reserves and World Banking System Through “International Bank Reform” or “Paid Restitutions” after a “Joint International Litigation Lawsuit goes through the Courtsto have the Federal Reserves and World Banks be charged for Genocidal Acts through orchestrating Wars and Sabotaging the Stock Markets and World Economies and causing economic recessions for which they have yet to answer for and the “untold misery” that they have brought upon all Mankind!”We can actually end world hunger, poverty, war and social injustice and then in a unprecedented move simultaneously drive back up the world economy to unprecedented levels and keeping it there for all eternity if the responsible and good Citizens of this planet wanted to!”As long as the Citizens of this planet have ownership and control of the World Banking System and the Federal Reserves like “America’s Founding Fathers” had SPECIFICALLY laid out in the U.S. Constitution!”The Congress Shall coin the money and the currency and regulate the value thereof.

“(And This Will Ensure Guaranteed World Social and Economic Equality and Prosperity at its most purest form!)”So By Converting the Federal Reserves and The International World Banks Through “International Banking Reform” or “Paid Restitutions” for All the Genocidal Acts and Hardships They Have Brought Upon Mankind! We can end world hunger, poverty and social injustice!=================================

“A Reformed Federal Government System Will Convert a “double standard hypocrisy, to a “Gold Standard Democracy!============================

“This Is How To Save America’s Democracy and Its Society from Self-Destruction and Total Collapse! (And Just In Time Too!)============================

“If You Reform The Three Branches of The Federal Government and The Election Process System Not Only Will You Make America Great Again, You Will Make America The Greatest!”If The Federal Government Cannot Change Its Ways! Then Its Time To Reform The Federal Government To Conform to The Peoples Needs, The Way America’s Founding Fathers Intended It To So the Country and the World as a Whole can truly succeed.”=================================

“A Letter To A Local Senator In Guam The Chairperson on The Committee on Federal and Foreign Affairs!(It was such a “brilliant idea” I have yet to receive a response from her office!)Patrick Iriarte <>PM (6 days ago)Nov 13, 2020,2:56to senatorbiscoeleeHafa Adai Senator Regine Biscoe-Lee

“This is Patrick S.N. Iriarte Visionary and Aspiring Creative Writer and Backyard Poet and loyal supporter of you in the past until now but sadly since you are not running for reelection.

“I would like to enlist your expertise while you are still currently an “active Senator” before the end of this current legislature that expires next month in December of 2020 this year.”Last Month I had posted a proposed idea on your Facebook that mysteriously disappeared twice once on October 29, 2020 and just today again so I decided to send you an email to ensure that it won’t happen again the same thing happened on the PNC. News Facebook Page! (Dirty Guam Politics!)”Any way this is what was on the post that day and on your page before it disappeared with a little more revised editing.”Introducing A U.S. Government Social Structure Reform, Guaranteed to Take The World By Storm.”================================

Part 1. Convert the Federal Government to “The United Federation” (So the “Force” can be within us all Star Wars!) to manage Sacred Native, Residential, Commercial, Industrial Lands-Part 1a. – and Military Land and Natural Resources for Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Citizens to live cooperatively.

Part 2. Convert the Federal Reserves to the Global Reserves to preserve the financial and economic security of Citizens and pay-

Part 2a. – restitution for past atrocities and War Conflicts to both their own Citizens and foreign Citizens who were collateral damage because of these past conflicts.

Part 3. Make the United Nations become the “Fourth Branch of the Former Federal Government and the proposed “United Federation Government”to work closely with the other three branches of the Federal Government to share ideas to either plant the seeds of Democracy in other foreign Governments or to workout their Political and Religious Indifferences and end government corruption in their own nations for the sake of their own people and the good “Our Children’s Safety, Welfare and their future as a whole” to stomp out “Social Inequality and Social Injustice and form a “Stronger Bridgeway for Equal Prosperity”.

Part 4. Convert the Supreme Court to the “Supreme International Court of Justice League for All Nations” to enforce the former “Bill of Rights” by America’s Greatest Founding Fathers to the newly established “The Universal Bill of Human Rights”.Part 5. Amend the U.S. Constitution to be amended and become the “The United Sovereign Nations Constitution Institution. “And the World is A Better and Safer Place.”To include: “Proposed U.S. Election Reform” :————————————————–

Part 1. By having a “online voter’s sequence numbered registration process and a returned “Ink Fingerprinted completed Voters Sequence Numbered Verification Ballot-Part 2. – And then Counted in a “Voter Recognition Fingerprinted Tabulating Machine” this will ensure a more accurate voter count in any Primary and General Election to lessen the risk of contracting the Coronavirusand to ensure less Social Human Contact to contract the Virus and ensure a safe election process in the future.(Note: I don’t want any Delegate, Governor or Senator from Guam to bring this to the attention of Congress or the U.S. Senate other than you or Congresswoman Alexandria Ocassio “Cortez.)Sincerely,Patrick S.N. Iriarte Copyrighted Original Concepts and Idea Oct 29 – Nov 20 2020 Patrick S.N. Iriarte All Rights Reserved.(For All Citizens and Foreign Countries Who Were Either Overtaxed or Used For Collateral Damage By Their Own Governments Who Were Greatly Undeserved and A Great Injustice That They Never Deserved!)

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