John Terence Ononuju The Initiator Of #Vision2050 Worldwide Development Has This For Developing Countries Of The World

John Terence Ononuju The Initiator Of Vision 2050 Worldwide Development
John Terence Ononuju The Initiator Of Vision 2050 Worldwide Development

“I, John Terence Ononuju, the Initiator of #Vision2050 Worldwide Development congratulate the Federal Republic of Nigeria under President Muhammadu Buhari for signing up to our great #Vision2050 Worldwide Development.I humbly urge other developing countries of the world to join Nigeria in signing up now…When you sign up to this great vision, start the development race immediately to enable you meet up with this target, in the best interest of your beloved citizens.

In order to make this great vision work faster in your various developing countries, you must first develop the myopic mindset of 90% of your citizens through media sensitization campaign, series of seminar and workshop in the areas of Healthcare/Personal hygiene, Agriculture, Education, Information Technology, Research/Invention, Skills Exhibition, Shunning of corruption/crime and many more.

While developing the mindset of these citizens, also commence your infrastructural development in order to balance these two major areas of development, for a positive result…Involve the remaining 10% of your visionary citizens and your visionary supporters globally, to make it an accomplished dream.

When all these factors are put in place, I don’t think anything can stop your various developing countries from meeting up with the #Vision2050 Worldwide Development.

I understand that the past and present leaders of your beloved developing countries came up with various vision that did not see the light of the day, simply because the right strategy for its actualization was not applied…Sadly, the citizens have lost confidence in them, promising not to believe in their so called vision again.

Happily, this #Vision2050 Worldwide Development is unique, and if the right strategy is applied for its actualization, your various countries will move from developing to developed countries before the year 2050.

May God help us!” He concluded.

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