#BreakingNews WorldNews Online Network, To Promote Development

Worldnews Online Network, Owned By WONet Media Services

WorldNews Online Network has been described as a giant online news network, by #Worldnews fans around the world that has over 90% interest in promoting developmental projects.

This formidable news website, owned by WONet Media Services has been designed to give the latest news updates to millions of online news readers around the world, which will mostly center on numerous developmental projects carried out globally by individuals and government Agencies.

According to John Terence Ononuju, the CEO of WONet Media Services, who doubles as the Founder of Worldwide Development Initiative, Worldnews Online Network will be used in promoting all the media activities that are geared toward the promotion of development around the world and the full support of numerous governments projects in the developed and the developing countries of the world, in order to collectively achieve the vision 2050 of Worldwide Development Initiative.

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